I'm not died, guys.

I kind of stopped comming around here for a lot of reasons, some kind of personal buy... I'm still alive, and I still remember all of you. So, if anyone wants to contact me you just have to ask me on my Deviantart ( Someone hacked my old one so I had to make a new one ), Tumblr or Twitter.

... Or I want to trying post more here too.

Take care you all. :)

I love you Victini

My favourite types are Psychic and Fire. Victini has these two types and has cat face too.

...I love you, stupid cute thing. *Explodes* brb I'm going to die.

icon meme!

Found in Irene's journal, I love these type of meme!.

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When I saw it I says "OMG IS THE YATTERMAN THING THAT IRENE LOVES" or I think so!, In Sergeant Keroro are so many parody.

My friends are in my mind 24 hourssssss.

WHY I like Raikou?


in these moments I hate to be Raikou fan XD and yes, is for the shiny Pokedoll. I can't afford more than $100 in just a plush, the only way I have $50/month, but I know nobody'll let me pay this way XD I dream a lot.

I'm very upset, I want but I can't take it due to the price :/ maybe if someday I've a bit of luck and take it for less than $100, but it won't happen XD

and meh, don't listen to me, I'm just venting the anger.


Anybody understand how I need to pay $30 on shipping costs for ONE MISERY SHEET?.

I found a Mushu (Mulan) settei on eBay. I didn't win the bid, but the seller have more so he offered me the remaining one, I bid $20. And the shipping costs FOR THAT SINGLE SHEET are $30 to Spain, for a total of $50, and I won't pay that amount for a sheet.
I wouldn't surprise because in Spain are expensive in that, but...with heavier, bigger sendings(plushes, by example)...NOT A SHEET. That isn't normal even in Spain ._.

The worst part? I WANT the settei and I have less than 20 hours to decide :(....
may pokedoll


This next weekend I'll gonna go a manga event in my city. I'll enter in the karaoke contest. With the song Love is war from Vocaloid. I'm nervous. I'm hysterical. JESUS CHRIST I'M SO NERVOUSSSSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

WISH ME LUCK. I'm a horrible singer, but I love the karaoke contests.

A wild website appeared!

Because I'm tired of fangirls, trolls, thieves and drama in DeviantArt. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.




Three banners because I don't have so much ideas. (oh, here I'll gonna post my collection...soon)

P.S: Ireneee, I add you to my affiliate! :3


This is WHY I love Pokémon Special/Adventures (ok exist more reasons)

CRYYYYYYYYYYS!!!!!. CRYS CRYS, CRYSTAL!!. ;___; I don't hate Lyra, she is cute too and interesting character(I love her hat XD;;), but so special. She is the first Pokegirl!, and is a important character in the manga. I'M SO HAPPY. I want this manga...Gold with new clothes(I love it), Silver too(he is the only rival I like) and Crys too!!. I need it :(

P.S: Not is a fanart, is real ;p